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We build the tools you need to run your business operations easily, efficiently, and at as low a cost as possible.

Blockchain technology is here to revolutionise industries with new data management and financial tools.

Our products will save you time, save you resources, and even make you more money.

Giving you what's best.

Save your business money

Our experienced team will design a solution for you which not only saves you money on existing processes but can create new revenue streams.

Protect your customer's data

Blockchain is like a super advanced database. Live reporting and real-time information will open up a new understanding of your users and their habits.

Save time

What's more valuable than your time? We value efficiency over everything else. Our solutions will let you focus on the things that truly matter to you.

Get peace of mind

Blockchains are decentralised and highly immutable. (Fancy words, huh?) This simply means that your operations will run 24/7/365 with zero downtime.

We wish to attract

like-minded builders.

Is this you?

To answer that, you can start by learning about what makes up SageCity. Learn about our systems such as our values and meritocracy governance. And about our infrastructure such as congestion engines and sidechains.


Get in touch and we'll give you all you need to get started.

Become a founding father of the SageCity community.

These tools are your gateway to the SageCity network. By allocating spare computing power to our mining pool you can earn SAGE currency. Then, store it with our Wallet.

With our Explorer you can learn more about the network and its transactions from anywhere in the network.

With SageCity you can make a meaningful impact.

Our ambition to create a decentralised city for visionaries and creatives begins with you.


Our supporters.

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This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Don’t let it go by you.

Grasp it tight. Your new journey begins here.